Situated in the beautiful Dhaulandhar mountain ranges of Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala is placed at an average altitude of 1,475 meters above sea level. Dharamshala is home to a community of Tibetan refugees and the seat of the 14th Dalai Lama. The city is surrounded by a thick and lush cover of Oak and Conifer Trees, which creates a picturesque surrounding.

Scenic View of DharamshalaDharamshala is also known as the Little Lhasa (in Tibet, China) of India. Also, the old British colonial lifestyle is retained in the culture of this place. Being home to His Holiness The Dalai Lama along with the Buddhist Nuns and Monks adds to the calm and serene atmosphere of this place. The tea gardens are also a major tourist attraction.

In Dharamshala, you will experience the glory of the Tibetan culture through the monasteries situated there. The scenic Landscape, Old Bungalows, Churches, Monasteries by lush green Dhaulandhar Mountains just leaves the tourists awestruck and coming back for more.

Panoramic View of DharamshalaWhat All There’s To See:

Tsulagkhang Complex: Get a glimpse of the Tibetan culture at the official home of the 14th Dalai Lama. It is the Largest Tibetan Temple, heavily visited by tourists from around the world.

McLeod Ganj: Named after the Lieutenant Governor of Punjab, Sir Donald Friell McLeod, McLeod Ganj is located at the elevation of 2,082 meters above sea level. It is famous for the residence of the 14th Dalai Lama, Tibetan handicrafts and the Temples.

Dal Lake: Named because of its resemblance to the Dal lake of Jammu and Kashmir, this lake spreads across 1 square kilometer. It a popular picnic spot, with a Kali temple located near the banks.

View from Hilltop of DharamshalaKangra Fort: Famous for its architecture and history, this fort was home for one of the oldest existing dynasties of the Katoch rulers of Kangra. The fort has well-detailed halls, watchtowers, and a few temples.

Namgyal Monastery: For the Tibetan population of Dharamshala, this is one of the major learning and cultural centers. It also houses around 200 monks.

Other places to see –  Masrur, Gyunto Monastery, Kangra Museum, Bhagsunag Temple and Bhagsu Waterfalls.

DharamshalaBest Time To Visit: The best time to visit is from January to June, and September to December.

Dharamshala is easily accessible through roads and rail. The nearest railway station is Kangra (94kms away) via Pathankot.

The picturesque surroundings and the presence of the rich Buddhist culture amongst the serene environment makes Dharamshala one of the best hill stations in India.

Dharamshala Cricket StadiumThis place is nothing less than a paradise, so we’ll help you book your Dharamshala trip and channelize your desire into the most satiating experience of travel with the help of our services.

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