The capital city of Meghalaya, Shillong is also known as the ‘Scotland of the East’, after the British named it so. The Dazzling Waterfalls, Pellucid Lakes, and the Mighty Mountains make Shillong the best place to unwind in the east.

Shillong PeakShillong is located at an elevation of 1496 meters above sea level. This beautiful city is surrounded by pine trees and is known for its picturesque scenes. Shillong is a very traditionally rich city, which is also one of the main reasons, it attracts tourists from all over India. The Mountain Peaks, Lakes, the Beautiful Golf Courses, Zoos, and the Museums make this place so interesting. Shillong also has a very westernized culture and a lively music culture.

What All There’s To See:

Elephant Falls: When one of the British Officers saw a rock resemble an elephant, they named the place as the Elephant Falls. The waterfall is a popular tourist attraction at about 12km away from Shillong. The white sheet of water falling with a backdrop of black rocks provides a splendid sight for the visitor.

Elephant Falls of ShillongShillong Peak: The highest point of Shillong stands at the height of 6449 ft. above sea level, and provides an astounding view of the city, waterfalls, the Himalayas, and the Bangladesh plains. A telescope is also available at the top for tourists to get the best view. Tourists usually trek to the top to get the best scenes captured.

Lady Hydari Park: Named after the first lady of this place and the wife of the first Governor of Shillong, Lady Hydari Park is a popular picnic spot. There is a variety of flowers in this park. It also encloses a mini zoo, a deer park, and a children’s play area.

Lady Hydari Park in ShillongWards Lake: A perfect getaway spot, with beautiful surroundings, Wards Lake is a great hangout place. People come to just sit and relax in the grass by the lake and grab a bite at the lake-side cafeteria. This place is perfect to spend a lazy evening with friends or family.

Umiam Lake: Surrounded by thick Coniferous Forest, this lake spreads over an area of about 222 sq. km. The sunrises here are a treat to the eyes of the visitor. It is located at a distance of 15km from Shillong. The tranquility of this place attracts a lot of nature lovers.

Umiam Lake in ShillongPlaces Nearby to Shillong:

Mawsynram: The next wettest place on earth after Cherrapunjee. This scenic beauty is 65 km from Shillong.

Cherrapunjee: It’s the wettest place on earth and a treat to the eyes of a nature lover. This lush green town is only 50km away from Shillong.

Wards Lake of ShillongMawlynnong: Fast emerging as a popular destination, this place is 78 km away from Shillong. It has a reputation for the cleanest village in Asia, making it a tourist attraction.

Best Time to Visit: September to May as the weather is pleasant and rains have slowed down.

Root Bridges in ShillongReaching Shillong is easy as it is well connected by road. Guwahati (103 km away) is the nearest train and air link.

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