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Hotels In Bharuch

Bharuch serves as an ideal getaway destination. There are various Hotels in Bharuch , most popular of them being Regenta Central Harimangla by Royal Orchid Hotels, Star Hotel, Hotel Ashish, Hotel Sky Horse, Hotel Apex. Travellers seeking economical options that include Hotel Natraj, Patel Ni Motel, Hotel Shree Krishna, Hotel Shree Plaza, Hotel Apple Inn. Easily reachable from famous spots of KJ Choksi Public Library, Ranchodrai Temple At Dakor, Chavaj Railway Station, Sree Laxmi Narayan Dev College Pharmacy, Bharuch Railway Station, these establishments enjoy a steady tourist inflow. Guests praise the friendly nature of the staff and the facilities including Banquet facilities, Breakfast Services, Front desk, Medical services, Parking provided by them. Since we are talking about accessibility, visitors can rejoice knowing that they would not have to go through long dreaded journeys to these hotels as they are conveniently located from Chavaj Railway Station, Sher Pura Bus Stop, Bharuch Railway Station, Mulmad Bus Stand, Bharuch Bus Station.Reserve your favourite Hotels in Bharuch at a price which is lowest online.

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