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Hotels With Bar, Anegundi, Hampi

The locality of Anegundi is one of the most popular places in Hampi. It has several essential places such as Badbiling 12 Feet Shivling Temple, Elephanta Stable, Nandi Temple, Palace Of Krishna Devaraya, Shahi Darwaja nearby and is well-connected. There are many hotels belonging to different categories such as Evolve Back, Hampi, Krishna Palace, Royal Orchid Central Kireeti, Hotel Malligi, Hotel Ananya Comfortss with spacious structures and beautiful designs. A brilliant example is the Hotel Lalith Mahal of the locality. The concoctions prepared at the bar are impeccable, and the efficient way in which other services such as Library, Internet Access, Alcohol, Family, Shopping Center are provided adds to the ‘high spirits’ (pun intended!)

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