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Hotels With Bar, Sapotra, Karauli

The locality of Sapotra is one of the most popular places in Karauli. It has several essential places such as Gopal Singh Ji Ki Chhatri, Hanuman Sagar Ashram Hatile Hanuman, Karauli Bus Station, Roadways Bus Stand, Kaila Devi National Park nearby and is well-connected. There are many hotels belonging to different categories such as Ramathra Fort with spacious structures and beautiful designs. The concoctions prepared at the bar are impeccable, and the efficient way in which other services such as Boating, Bottle opener,Wardrobe, water, Ceiling fan, Sofabed, Tea Coffee Maker are provided adds to the ‘high spirits’ (pun intended!)

Ramathra Fort

Sapotra, karauli

0KM from Sapotra